11 Unique Species Of Amazon Parrots That Are Bred In Captivity

There have been several species and hybrids of Amazon parrots that have been created since they began to be bred in captivity. Some of these birds are also found in the wild. Although there are more than 31 species of amazon parrots, 11 of them have become more popular options for pets.

These species include:

  1. Double yellow-headed Amazon Parrots
  2. Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots
  3. Green-cheeked Amazon Parrots
  4. Lilac crowned Amazon Parrots
  5. Mealy Amazon Parrots
  6. Orange-winged Amazon Parrots
  7. Panamanian Amazon Parrots
  8. Red Lored Amazon Parrots
  9. White-fronted Amazon Parrots
  10. Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrots
  11. Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots

1. Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots

types of amazon parrots

Scientific name: Amazona Oratrix

Also known as the Yellow-headed Parrot or Yellow-headed Amazon, these birds are popular due to their ability to speak. They are the best among all other species when it comes to learning human vocabulary.

Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots are native to the coast of Mexico and Central America. The distinctive yellow forehead gives them their name. The rest of the body is green.

These parrots are curious and very active. Their queer body language, which includes rapidly dilating their pupils and tilting their head almost upside down, makes them even more popular choices as pets.

2. Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona Aestiva

These birds have a patch of blue feathers just above the beak and for that reason, they are named Blue-fronted Amazon parrots. These feathers blend into shades of yellow and white before merging with the green feathers on the body.

The shade of the blue feathers on the head varies from violet-blue to turquoise depending on the subspecies.

These parrots require a lot of attention and must follow a routine when it comes to mealtime or even playtime. These birds are also known to sing and mimic quite well.

3. Green-cheeked Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona viridigenalis

They are among the most attractive of all the Amazonian parrots. The feathers are darker green, while the lower feathers are pale green. The cheeks have a patch of iridescent green feathers that have a lilac or purple ring around them.

These birds are known for their extremely pleasant behavior. They love to play, which makes them a popular choice as pets. They are also known to be great companions who love to spend a lot of time with their owners.

4. Lilac Crowned Amazons Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona finschi

These birds were first documented in the late 19th century by Dr. Otto Finsch. He described them in great detail in his diaries. The name comes from the lilac feathers on the crown of the bird’s head.

The forehead and lores have beautiful red feathers. The lilac coloration runs down to the bird’s neck and even forms a ring around the bird’s cheeks.

These birds are native to the Pacific slopes in the western part of Mexico. They are known to be very energetic birds.

5. Mealy Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona farinose

These birds are also called  Blue Crowned Mealy or Mealy Parrot. They are the largest of all the Amazon parrots, often growing up to 40 centimeters long as adults.

The green and gray coloration of the bird makes it look like it has a layer of flour on its body. Hence the name Mealy Amazon. The tail of the bird has a very distinct blue tip and the crown has bright blue feathers.

These birds are commonly found in Bolivia, eastern Brazil, and southern Mexico.

6. Orange-winged Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazonan Amazonica

Like most Amazon parrots, these birds also have a green body. Its distinctive feature is the bright orange and blue coloration seen on the face and head. They also have bright orange feathers that give them their name. These colors are seen only after the bird is fully mature.

Orange-winged Amazon Parrots are native to central and northern South America and some populations are also seen in Trinidad and Tobago.

7. Panamanian Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona panamen

Panamanian Amazon Parrots became popular only a few decades ago. They are also called the Panama  Yellow-fronted Amazons. They are quite similar to the yellow-crowned Amazon parrots in appearance.

What distinguishes them from the species is that the feathers are darker and their structure is smaller.
These birds are native to the western part of Panama. They are also found in the Pearl Islands, Coiba, and Colombia.

These birds are extremely intelligent and curious and are known to be good talkers.

8. Red Lored Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona autumnal

The face of these birds is extremely colorful. They are also known as the Yellow-cheeked Amazon. The beautiful face of the bird has made them popular with bird lovers. The Lores are bright red and cheeks are a contrasting bright yellow.

Red Lored Amazon Parrots also make excellent pets, as they are very friendly. They are native to eastern Mexico and Central America. Some populations are also found in Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala.

9. White-fronted Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona abiforns

White-fronted Amazons are the smallest of all Amazon parrots. These birds are very large in terms of personality. They love to play and are great talkers.

They are curious and daring birds. White-fronted Amazon parrots one of the two Amazonian species in which the male can be distinguished from the female. This means that they are sexually dimorphic. The forehead of the bird has a yellowish or whitish coloration.

They are native to Central America with various populations also found in Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico.

10. Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona Ochrocephala

These birds are mostly green in color like most Amazon parrots. What distinguishes them is the yellow coloration of the forehead. They differ from the double yellow-headed Amazons since the yellow coloration does not extend to the neck or the entire head.

Sometimes, Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrots are also known as the Single Yellow-headed Amazons. The head of these birds is also more rounded compared to the double yellow-headed Amazon parrots.

They are extremely affectionate birds and quite intelligent as well. They are good talkers. Most of the populations of these birds are seen in the central region of America. There are some populations in Peru, Trinidad, and the southern Amazon basin.

11. Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots

Scientific name: Amazona auropalliata

Another common name for these birds is the Golden-naped Amazon. They have a patch of light yellow feathers on the nape. Other than that, they are covered in green feathers on their body.

These birds are known to be much more obedient compared to other Amazon parrot species. They are extremely confident birds but easier to train. They are hardy birds that do well indoors and in outdoor aviaries.

Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots are native to El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Regardless of the Amazon parrot species, you bring home, the care and requirements remain the same. They have almost similar requirements in terms of food, housing, and medical care.