12 Amazing Facts About Beagles That You Might Not Know

The beagle is a small and friendly dog. It is one of the most popular breeds in the united states. It has short fur, with two or three colors. It is usually white, black and tan. The beagle has large spots on its back and has a straight tail that points upward.

A beagle looks kind. It has long and drooping ears. Its ears are normally a different color than its muzzle. Its muzzle protrudes from its face. It is not a flat-faced dog.

It is a small, well-behaved dog. It is perfect for a small house. It’s best for it to live indoors and just needs some time to play outside. It’s very lively, and it has lots of energy. Some exercises will help it stay calm. A quick walk every day is good for these dogs.

Beagle loves the company. It likes being around people and easily gets along with other dogs too. 

Amazing Facts About Beagles

1. Beagles Charm You With Their Cuteness

The beagles are so adorable. They are cute, gentle and behave well. Just look at those brown eyes. They look at you as they are begging for love. They seem to say “please” all the time. It’s hard to say “no” to them.

They like to be touched and patted. They are also very loving. They love their owners very much. They like to have people nearby. For some reason, they are closer to women than men (although nobody knows why). They also like children.

They make friends with everyone. Sometimes, even people who don’t know. That’s why they are not good guard dogs. They make friends even with strangers.

They are very playful and cheerful. Playing keeps them happy and refreshed. It also keeps them healthy. They enjoy games where they can track smells.

They also like to grab things. They snatch things with their mouths. Sometimes, it can be annoying. But they are not trying to be naughty or anything. That is just the way you play.

2. Beagles Have Amazing Nose

Beagles have a very strong sense of smell. It is one of the breeds with the best sense of smell. It can smell odors that people can’t. Even odors that other dogs can’t. A beagle can tell the difference between many odors.

It is a kind of dog called a hound. A hound is a tracker. It can find smells and follow them, for this reason, the beagles are known to be the most popular type of hound.

The beagle enjoys to following smells. It is very fun for them. When they find an interesting smell, they keep it. They want to know where it comes from. Then they will try to find out. And they won’t stop until it does.

That’s why the Beagle looks down a lot. They always point their nose at the ground to follow the smell.

When a beagle follows a smell, it is very concentrated. It won’t mind other things around it. Not until it finds where the smell comes from. If you try to call it, it may not even notice you.

For a beagle, following a smell is an adventure. It’s exciting. It is the way it discovers things. That’s why it loves looking for new and interesting smells.

3. Beagles are Ultimate Explorer

What is an explore? An Explorer is someone who likes to watch around. He discovers new things. He likes to travel, to learn more. He asks a lot of questions. And then looking for answers.

Beagles are like that too. They are known to be explorers. To dig a lot. They follow their noses. Their noses lead them to new discoveries.

When a beagle smells something, it gets curious. It will go, “What’s that?”, and it will try to find out. It will not stop until the job is done. They love a little adventure.

Sometimes, a beagle can explore too much. It will follow a smell anywhere. It could follow the smell until it gets very far. But he can’t get lost the way.

If you have a beagle, it is good to have a high fence. It will prevent the dog from walking away. But don’t chain it or put it in a cage, that won’t be good for him. He needs some space to wander.

4. Beagles Are Best Hunters

There is a reason why beagles have sharp noses. It’s because they are hunting dogs. They use their noses to find small animals.

Beagles were first bred for hunting. They helped people catch rabbits. Some people even call them “rabbit dogs.”

So far, beagles are good for catching rabbits and small animals. If they find a small animal, they will attack it. They will not think twice. They will jump on the animal immediately!

Catching small animals makes them happy. And they think it also makes you happy. Then they could give you a dead mouse. But don’t be alarmed. That is just its way of cheering you up.

So keep in mind, small pets are not safe with beagles. That means rabbits and hares. Even birds, hamsters or other small animals. Beagles will attack them.

Did you know In some places, hare hunting is called “beagling.” It is a sport where beagles are used. Beagles look for hares following their smell.

5. Beagles Are Perfect Working Dogs

Beagles are not just good at hunting. They are also perfect working dogs. They use their strong sense of smell to help people. 

What kind of work do they do? They help people find things. Sniff things out and follow their noses.

Some of them work in airports for Sniffing bags and packages. They help find foods that may have bugs. This is so that people do not bring bugs from other places. In this way, the Beagles help keep the country safe. Today, many airports have a “Beagle Brigade”.

Some other dog breeds are also good for sniffing. But beagles are perfect for airports. You know why? It’s because the Beagles are small and cute. They don’t scare people. And there are many people at the airports. Many people are afraid of big dogs.

What other jobs do the beagles do?

Some search and rescue dogs.

They help rescue workers find missing people. Their strong sense of smell can lead them to trapped people.

Some beagles help the police find bombs and drugs. Their noses can find some dangerous things such as dogs!
And because they are gentle and lovely, beagles are good therapy dogs.

Therapy dogs help people feel better. They visit sick people, or older people, and encourage them.

Some beagles appear in movies. Often, they show up as the hero’s pet. Or they themselves are the hero. They are good movie dogs because they are easy to work with. Also, they look great on the screen.

But not all beagles are working dogs. Many of them are family pets. And they love being part of a family.

6. Beagles Have Special Designer Fur

Did you know Beagles are bred to have special fur? Water and dirt do not cling so much to their fur. It is so that they can hunt more freely.

In addition, beagle skin does not have the normal “dog smell”. Beagles don’t smell bad like other breeds. But when they smell bad, that means they are very, very dirty.

Beagles have different fur colors. Different patterns, too. What they have in common is that they have large spots on their bodies. And generally, their ears are a different color than their snouts.

Often, a beagle has three colors. The skin with three colors is called “tricolor.” It is usually white, black and tan.

Some beagles have different shades of brown. A dark brown pattern is called “chocolate tricolor.” A light brown pattern is called the “liver tricolor.” Isn’t that interesting?

Some beagles have only two colors. This is called “bicolor.” They can be black and roasted. Or white and brown. Or black and white. Or white and lemon. Lemon is a beautiful yellow color.

Some dogs have a ticked pattern on their fur. That means there are many small specks next to the big spots. If the spots are gray or bluish, they are called “blue tick”. If the spots are brown or reddish, they are called “red tick”.

Did you know A purebred beagle always has a white-tipped tail? That’s because a long time ago, these dogs were bred to have whitetails. It makes it easier to see during a hunt. It’s like a little white flag that says “I’m here.”

7. Beagles Love To Eat More!

Beagles are also famous for their appetites. They love to eat. And they eat a lot!
They are always hungry. They often try to snoop around for food. Sometimes, food will be snatched from your table. Or they will open their cupboards to look for snacks. Or they could even dig through the trash can.
Sometimes they eat too much. They do not know when to stop. Then the beagles can get fat very fast. If you have a beagle, don’t overfeed it. Ask your veterinarian how much food it needs. And make sure they can’t open the cupboards.

Food is something serious for the beagles. Their bowl of food is very important to them. To keep your beagle happy, you must also respect its food bowl. Do not snatch its bowl. And don’t bother the dog with food.
Like all dogs, beagles love treats. But be careful to give too much. He can get fat that way too. You can give treats in smaller sizes instead.

8. Beagles Like To Howl A Lot

All dogs bark. The good news about beagles is that they are not disgusting. They will not bark and howl all day.

The bad news is that they love to howl. Sometimes they howl a lot. They howl when they are bored. A little beagle can make a lot of noise! They can really keep the neighbors awake!

That’s why many beagles end up in shelters. Their owners can’t stand it all the howling.  So, if you want to have a beagle, make sure you can handle the howl.

But not all beagle dogs howl. Sometimes they bark. They bark especially when they are afraid. But their bark doesn’t sound like a normal bark. It sounds a bit like a howl, too.

Sometimes they make a sound called a bay. A bay sounds like a little howl. Sounds a bit to cry. Beagles howl when they are excited. Like when they are hunting.

Don’t worry, you can teach your dog not to be too loud. Just be a good leader. Praise it when he is silent. Then ignore it when it makes a lot of noise. The dog will soon receive the message. If this does not work, ask an expert in dog training for help.

9. Beagles Have Poor Trainability

Of all the dog breeds, the Beagles are the most difficult to train. They learn very slowly. Sometimes, a Beagle can take a year to train at home. Then you have to be very, very patient.

They can also be stubborn. They will not follow you immediately. But that does not mean they are bad. They are really good dogs. They are a bit slow to understand. They are intelligent, but they are not the smartest dogs. Also, they are always distracted by the smells around them.

Some people think that Beagles cannot be trained. But that’s not true. The beagles are trainable. They only take longer. Obedience training is good for them.

In Beagle’s training, you have to repeat things. And you have to use your imagination. You have to give them many compliments. And some treats, too.

Do not give up. Be patient. And you have to be a good leader, someone strong but kind.

10. Beagles Have Turned From Hunting Dogs Into Family Pets

Beagle dogs have been around for a long time. They come from old hound dog breeds. They can be a mix of dogs from England, such as Foxhounds, Harriers, and Talbot.

They first made themselves known in England. That was a long time ago. They were commonly used as hunting dogs. They were raised to catch small animals.

Years later, hunters wanted bigger hunting dogs. Tallest and toughest dogs can hunt larger animals, like foxes. Then the hunters raised more Foxhounds. Soon, they stopped raising beagles.

But the beagles were still useful for farmers. Then the English farmers continued to breed them. These dogs were perfect for hunting rabbits, due to their small size. Thanks to those farmers, we still have beagles today.

But where does the name “beagle” come from? Well, nobody knows for sure anymore. Some people think it is an old word that means “small.”

Other people think that the name comes from a French word. Sounds like “Beagle.” It means “open mouth.” Maybe it’s because the Beagles love to howl

11. Beagles Were Very Small Dog Breeds

Now we know that beagles are small dogs. But did you know? A long time ago, some beagles were even smaller!

Hundreds of years ago, there was a king named Edward II. He was the king of England. He had small beagle dogs called “glove beagles”. That is because they were small enough to carry with one hand. Sometimes, they were also called “mitten beagles.”
Edward II was not the only king of England who had beagles. Enrique VII, Guillermo III, and Jorge IV also did it.

They used to go hunting with their glove beagles.

Queen Elizabeth-I also loved the beagles. She was the queen of England about 500 years ago. Her beagles were called “pocket beagles.” They were small enough to fit in a bag.

These smaller beagles were also hunting dogs. But because they were too small, they were not fast enough. Serious hunters liked the biggest ones. Then people stopped raising them. For some time, there were no more glove beagles or pocket beagles.

Today, breeders are trying to reproduce smaller beagles again. They are called “mini beagles” or “toy beagles”. They are sometimes called “English pocket beagles.” Or “Queen Elizabeth’s pocket Beagles.” Even when they grow up, they will look like puppies.

12. Beagles Have Shown In Famous Cartoons

Beagle dogs are so adorable. People love them immediately. They are very fun to watch. That’s why many shows have beagles in them. Even cartoons and comic strips.
Cartoon beagles are fun. The most popular is Snoopy. Maybe you’ve heard of him. It is called “the most famous beagle in the world”.

Snoopy has white fur, with a black spot on the back. He has long black ears too. It is a very playful dog. Howls when there is nothing else to do. And he really loves his plate of food.

You may have heard of Odie. He appears in a comic strip called “Garfield”. It is a lemon beagle. It has yellow fur and brown ears. He is very happy and friendly. (But in the movie “Garfield”, Odie is not a Beagle. He is a Daschund.)

There are many other Beagle characters. There is a dog named Shoeshine in “Underdog.” And Gromit from “Wallace and Gromit”. And Doidle on “Fairly odd parents.” Can you think of other famous Beagles?


Beagle dogs are amazing. What is not like about them? They are cute and behave well. They also have a lot of talent. They are cheerful dogs and want to be your best friend.

Many people have beagles as their pets. If you want to have a pet, make sure you take good care of it. A beagle needs a lot of patience and love. And a high fence would also be good. Before acquiring a dog, you must learn more about him. Ask a veterinarian or a breeder about what you need to know.