6 Ancient Egyptian Dog Breeds (Also Meaningful Names For Them)

Some of the oldest dog breeds can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian dog breeds. It is often suggested that it was the ancient Egyptians who domesticated dogs. We have some Egyptian dog names. I see them as the most famous breeds in Egypt. You won’t be surprised if you hear people calling these breeds “the Egyptian dog god.”

Some of the Egyptian dog breeds come from the Egyptian wolf, and there is another type of hairless Egyptian dog that looks like the ‘Xoloitzcuintli dog.’

Dogs in Ancient Egypt

Dogs in Egypt Or in Ancient Egypt, had a special love for animals, so much so that they even mummified them when they died in order to go further. Dogs were considered one of the families in all social strata.

There are paintings in which this love for dogs is represented and in many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, leather collars painted in colors and even with metallic appliques have been found.

anubisFurthermore, they were polytheistic people, with many gods embodying different and surprising qualities. Considering that love dogs and considering that you adore your puppy like the Egyptians adored their gods, wouldn’t it be nice to name your dog after a god who looks like it?

And this is the reason why the Egyptian dog breed featured prominently in the dog breed. Back in ancient Egypt, it was even called the Egyptian dog god.

There are some people who think that the ancient Egyptians used Sloughi for hunting and as a watchdog, and to this day we still see the same in Egypt.

Breeds Of Egyptian Dogs

Some people think that Egyptian dog breeds do not actually come from Egypt, some of them have been taken from other places, even if we saw it as an ancient Egyptian dog breed.

1. Egyptian Saluki (Egyptian greyhound)

Egyptian SalukiHeight: 23 to 28 inches

Weight: 40 to 60 pounds

Physical Characteristics: This Egyptian dog breed has a feathered or smooth coat and has distinctive long, gently feathered ears; They come in white or cream, fawn, black and tan or gray and tan and golden color varieties.

Some people know this breed as the Egyptian greyhound dog or the “Egyptian hound”

We cannot talk about Egyptian dog breeds without mentioning Saluki or the Egyptian hound. The graceful and athletic Saluki is often said to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Its history dates back at least 5,000 years. This Egyptian hound is spread all over the world and as you may know about dog breeds, the Egyptian greyhound or Egyptian Saluki is one of the fastest breeds in the world after the Greyhound breed.

2 Egyptian Basenji

Egyptian Basenji dog Height: 16 to 17 inches

Weight: 20 to 25 pounds

Physical Characteristics: Short and smooth coat in chestnut red, black, brindle, or tricolor (black and red); all have white feet, chest, and tail tip; may have white legs, blaze, and neck; the tail is rolled over on to the back.

The Basenji is one of my favorite Egyptian dog breeds, some people call it an African patich dog, another breed that is often quoted as one of the oldest in the world.

They also bear a striking resemblance to the dogs that were painted on the tombstones of the Egyptian pharaohs. Over the years, breeds with excellent hunting skills were sought after by tribesmen in Central Africa.

3. Ibizan Hound (Egyptian Hound)

Ibizan HoundHeight: 23 to 28 inches (males); 22 to 26 inches (females)

Weight: 50 pounds (male); 45 pounds (female)

Physical Characteristics: Rough hair that can be straight or coarse; Comes in solid red, solid white, or white and red color patterns, an elegant, athletic-looking dog with distinctively large pointy ears.

The Ibizan Hound dog breed or as others call it the Egyptian guard dogs are considered native to the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain.

However, these graceful sighthounds are another breed that can easily trace their original lineage back to ancient Egypt. Dogs with a striking resemblance to the breed have been found on various historical tombstones and artifacts.

5. Baladi stray dog

Baladi stray dogHeight: 20 to 25 inches

Weight: 40 to 55 pounds

Physical Characteristics: This Egyptian dog is short and has pricked ears.
Dogs in Egypt such as Baladi dogs are not classified as one of the Egyptian breeds, this type of dog is the most common in Egypt. These native stray dogs are prolific in the streets and rural countryside of the country.

6. Armant dog

armant dogHeight:21 to 28 inches

Weight: 44 to 60 pounds

Physical Characteristics: Short and erect ears. As it crosses from the Egyptian dogs of origin. Many of you don’t know this breed when you talk about the Armenian dog.

We are talking about the best guard dogs in the world, The Armant is a breed of Egyptian shepherd dog known for its loyalty since it is characterized by a very strong intelligence and its great ability to know close people and strange people around it, in addition of that its wonderful and beautiful appearance that is characterized by having very thick hair that gives it a more than wonderful view and multiple colors.

Meaningful Names For Egyptian Dogs

If you are still thinking of having a dog or you already have a puppy, you can choose from these Egyptian dog names, some of these names have already been used for some ancient Egyptian dog breeds in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian dog names for males

Here is a list of the most popular Egyptian gods and their meanings so that you can find the Egyptian name that best suits your male dog:

  • Ra: Ra was the god of the sun, the origin of life, and the sky. This name is perfect for both a powerful dog and one that loves to lie down and sunbathe.
  • Bes/Bisu: He is the god of goodness, the one who protected homes and children from evil. He was represented as a short, plump, long-haired god, and with his tongue hanging out, he chased away evil spirits thanks to his ugliness. It is an ideal name for a chubby and very noble dog that children love.
  • Seth/Set: He is the god of storm, war, and violence. He was a dark god that represented brute force. This name is good for mischievous and easily angered dogs.
  • Anubis: He was the god of death and the Necropolis. It was represented by a man with the black head of a jackal or a dog. This Egyptian dog name is perfect for a quiet, black, enigmatic,
    and reserved dog.
  • Osiris: He was the god of resurrection, of vegetation and
    farming. It is a perfect name for a dog that likes the countryside. Furthermore, Osiris was killed by his brother and later his wife, Isis, resurrected him. So he is also a good name for a rescued dog, who has suffered trauma and has been “revived” by finding a new family that loves him.
  • Toth: He was a magician, the god of wisdom, music, writing, and the magical arts. They said that he was the creator of the calendar and that he was the time meter. This name outshines a calm dog with extraordinary intelligence.
  • Min/Menu: He was the lunar god of fertility and male sexuality. It was represented with an erect penis. It’s a fun name for a dog who wants to ride everything.
  • Montu: He was a falcon-headed warrior god who protected the pharaoh in battle. It is a perfect name for strong dogs, guardians, and protectors with their families.

Egyptian dog names for females

If your furry companion is a female, here is a list of Egyptian goddess names and their meanings, perfect for naming your new dog:

  • Bastet: She was the goddess of cats, fertility, and protector of the home. It is an ideal name for a dog mom or one who gets along very well with cats.
  • Sakhmet/Sekhmet: She was the goddess of war and revenge.  She was a deity with great anger who, if she managed to appease herself, would help her followers to defeat his enemies. It is a name for a strong-willed dog that gets angry easily. but is very faithful to the owner of it.
  • Neit: Goddess of war and hunting, as well as wisdom. It was represented carrying a bow with two arrows. This Egyptian dog name is perfect for a dog with hunting instincts, who loves to chase birds or anything else in the park.
  • Hathor: She was the goddess of love, dance, joy, and music. If your dog is full of energy and is an earthquake of happiness, the Egyptian name of Hathor is perfect for her.
  • Isis: In Egyptian mythology her name meant “throne”. She was considered the queen of the gods or the great mother goddess. This name is ideal for a powerful dog, the most important of the pack.
  • Anukis /Anuket: She was the goddess of water and protector from the Nile, which makes it a perfect name for female dogs who love to swim and bathe in water.
  • Mut: The mother goddess, the goddess of heaven, and the origin of all creations.
  • Nephthys: Known as “the lady of the house”, she was the goddess of darkness, night, and death. She was said to have accompanied the deceased to the afterlife. The name Nephthys beats a female dog with a black coat, mysterious, calm, and quiet.
  • Maat: She symbolizes justice and cosmic harmony, she defends truth and cosmic balance. This goddess helped Ra in his fight against Apophis (an incarnation of evil), that is, in the fight of good against evil, so that good would always reign. It is a perfect Egyptian dog name for a faithful and loyal dog that defends its owners.