8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cats are a very warm, friendly, and affectionate breed. Like its cousin the ragdoll cat, this breed will go limp in your hand when you pick it up.

For a cat that wants so much attention from its caregivers, the Ragamuffin cat’s personality is surprisingly calm. People who are wary of cats that constantly meow and cry for attention will find the Ragamuffin to be an ideal breed.

Perhaps the least surprising personality the cat has, considering the large size the breed can reach, is that they tend to be lazy. If you don’t involve your Ragamuffin in activities enough, it won’t be difficult for him to just lounge around and do nothing. This could lead to obesity, so be sure to meet their exercise needs with cat toys.

Their docile nature makes them ideal for less active cat owners; the cat will easily adapt to your activity level. Another advantage of their docility is that they are devoid of any form of aggression.  The Ragamuffin will not put a paw on anyone in the house, or outside the house for that matter.

Although mellow, the cat also craves attention. The best parents for them would be those who know how to mix things up so that the day is not boring for the cat.

Here are 8 interesting things about ragamuffin cats:

1. Ragamuffin cats are the perfect lap cats of the cat world

The Ragamuffin is a very friendly breed, loving nothing more than sitting on your lap and being adored.

When a Ragamuffin isn’t preoccupied being a lap cat, it follows its humans from room to room throughout the house.

These sweet cats are happiest when someone is home with them for quality time. Just because the Ragamuffin cats like being on your lap doesn’t mean they are lazy in any way. If you take out the cat toys, these playful cats are ready for action and entertainment.

2. They are the largest cats!

Although the Maine Coon is the largest breed of a domesticated cat, the Ragamuffin is undoubtedly one of the largest cat breeds known today. Most females weigh 10-15 pounds at maturity, and males weigh over 20 pounds or even more.

These cats don’t reach full maturity until they are about 4 years old.

3. Ragamuffins are mellow cats

Like their cousin the Ragdoll, these super cool cats will relax many times when you pick them up. The Ragamuffin is very soft and does well with children and other cat-friendly animals.

These puppy-like cats are loved by many for their friendly personalities and strong desire to bond with you. And with their super soft coats, you can’t help but want to continually pet them over and over,  especially when they’re relaxing in your arms for pleasure.

4. They are desired cats

With the popularity and desired temperament of the Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin was bred to offer a wider selection of colors and a larger breed of cat.

To achieve the distinctive appearance of the Ragamuffin, breeders interbred with the Persian, Himalayan, and domestic longhaired cats to result in these beautiful cats.

All Ragamuffin kittens are born white and as they age they develop their unique color and coat pattern. Although these cats have full fluffy coats, they only require weekly grooming as their rabbit-like fur is not matt or tangle.

5. Excellent choice as a family pet

Of all the cat breeds, the Ragamuffin is undoubtedly one of the most relaxed that loves the social interaction of humans and a great choice as a family pet.

Whether it’s a small child who wants to cuddle them or an adult, the Ragamuffin is so patient and calm that they won’t mind in any way. If you are looking for a cute and cuddly cute teddy bear-like cat, then a Ragamuffin may be the perfect cat breed for you.

6. Ragamuffin cats doesn’t  want to be left alone!

The mere existence of the Ragamuffin seems to change all the common kitten stereotypes on their head.

They are not that independent (In fact, they doesn’t not want to be alone.), very affectionate, and although they crave your attention, they are patient enough to sit back and wait for you to give it to them rather than forcing their will on you.

However, on average, you can leave your ragamuffin cat alone for 2-4 hours a day and not worry about depression. but you need to make sure you find quality time to spend with them.

Technically, we can describe them as dog-like; only that dogs don’t have the flexible, squishy body that Ragamuffins are best known for. A breed of domestic cat in all ramifications, the Ragamuffin cat is a great beauty to behold.

7. Ragamuffin cats are cousins of ragdoll cats

Native to the United States of America, the Ragamuffin cat breed has been around for quite some time. However, that does not make them original, as they are considered a variant of the Ragdoll breed.

In fact, before 1994, the two were considered to be the same type of cat.

The history of the breed of cats that would be called Ragamuffins began when an established breeder, Ann Barker, discovered and registered a new breed by the name of “Ragdoll.” She established her own regulatory body for Ragdolls and controlled much of the breeding, but some other breeders wanted more. To do this, they had to form their own association and choose another name for the result of their breeding exercise.

To expand the gene pool for Ragdolls, as well as to increase variants, new breeders began crossing them with Persians, Himalayas, and other long-haired domestic cats as well. In the end, they got all the desired traits from different cat breeds combined into one.

While the Ragdoll provided most of the genetic material that contributed to the appearance of the Ragamuffins today, the other parents were responsible for the Ragamuffin’s various colors and other variations in their appearance.

Even the personality and temperament of the Ragdoll cat were altered in the Ragamuffins. While there is no solid historical backing for why the name was chosen for this breed, some suggested that it was proposed by a founder of the new group of breeders. Others believed that the name was chosen as a mark of respect for the dominant cousins of this breed – the Ragdolls.

Ragamuffins faced some snubbing from cat-loving organizations in their early days, but the breed has now been accepted under the awnings of many official organizations.

8. Ragamuffin cats come in a variety of colors!

One thing we love about Ragamuffin cats, aside from their affectionate nature, is that they come in all kinds of colors. Cat parents or prospective cat owners who choose the type of color they want their cat to have will be able to express their preference for this breed.

Their coat is less susceptible to tangling and matting compared to other long-haired breeds. Due to their longer-than-average life expectancy (15-20 years), you can expect the bond between you and your pet to last a long time if you opt for a Ragamuffin.