Are Eclectus Parrots Cuddly?

One of the first things to keep in mind is that Eclectus parrots are not known to be cuddly parrots. By nature, they are independent and prefer to have closeness and a strong bond without the need to touch or be touched and cuddled by their caregivers.

This is quite normal for the Eclectus parrots, but some people are concerned about this. Again, it all has to do with their independence and does not alter their behavior towards you in any way.

Eclectus parrots, regardless of how independent they are, love and need members of the household to play, guide, teach, interact and socialize with them.

Being independent does not mean being wild and out of control. What it means is that you are allowing your Eclectus to be the parrot that it is supposed to be and not so needy and clingy.

An independent Eclectus is a happy and content Eclectus. If you allow them to grow by promoting independence or if they grow, allow them to choose their own path with the independence that you will have a wonderful companion with no or limited behaviors in your home.

Is It Impossible To Have a Cuddly Eclectus Parrot?

No! You can have a cuddly Eclectus, but not only does this take time and persistence, but there is also no guarantee of the success of their cuddle factor.

Most baby and juvenile Eclectus parrots easily enjoy cuddling, but as they get older they tend to outgrow this and become more independent. No matter how much some people try to keep them as a loving bird before they reach adulthood, most just outgrow it and have a strong urge to be independent.

Some Eclectus parrots grow up to remain cuddly, with the persistence of the caregiver, however, as pleasant as we may think it is, it results in a less independent and more needy or demanding Eclectus, especially in times when you cannot meet their great needs.

A less independent Eclectus is an Eclectus of greater needs.

An independent Eclectus parrot is more likely to go about their own thing and when they want the attention or socialization of a caretaker, they will quietly go and find you, wherever you are in the house, rather than yelling or demanding attention.

These independent birds are also more likely to find you and just sit on your shoulder and chat. Sometimes they find out that you are and then they go back to their stand or whatever they were doing.