Are Whippets Good Family Dogs? (Explained)

When it comes to being friendly, the Whippet is definitely that. Whippets are friendly, quiet, devoted, gentle, and kind dogs and make good family pets. In addition to loving their family, these dogs are friendly with strangers, children who are not from their family, and even other dogs.

Whippets are not known as aggressive and suspicious dogs, and if they are loved and cared for properly, they can become the epitome of more friendliness. However, that also means that they are far from being watchdogs or guardians and should not be kept outside the house.

Breed characteristics of the Whippet

  • Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs
  • Height: 20-22 inches (male), 18-2o inches (female)
  • Weight: Usually 25 to 48 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

6 Reasons Why Whippet Is a Good Family Dog

1. Whippets are very easy to train

They are smart and are willing to learn fast. It’s even better if you use rewards and games to teach your Whippet to obey and obediently accept training. If you want your pet to compete in dog sports, you will need even more patience and control so that he understands the rules and learns faster.

2.  Whippets are very low maintenance dogs

When it comes to health and grooming, Whippets don’t need a lot of grooming as they are very easy to keep in that department. Their coat is very short and already very soft, so they only need to brush it to make it clean and shiny.

They also have a very low potential for drooling and gain weight gain and don’t shed too much. Whippets are medium-sized dogs and they can be kept in an apartment, but they must be spacious enough. Since they love to run, perhaps a house with a spacious yard would be a better option for this breed.

Speaking of health, Whippets are generally healthy, strong dogs that are not easily prone to many diseases.

3. Whippets are dogs that hardly bark

Whippets have almost ‘Zero’ tendencies to bark or howl; however, they have the potential for mouthiness, prey drive, and wanderlust. This means that you will have to teach your dog to obey you because his stubbornness could get you in trouble. Try to avoid letting go in dangerous or urban places, although sometimes it is also distracted by natural noises in wild as well.

Proper training from a young age will prevent this, and the same applies to the mouthiness and prey drive. Your dog’s innate desire to hunt smaller animals will force him to not only chase them but even kill them. So if you don’t want your or your neighbor’s pets to get hurt, you need to socialize your dog at that point.

4. Whippets are very good with children

Whippets are good with children in general. They like to be around children and play with them. This may be because they are generally very friendly and calm dogs that do not bark and do not find people suspicious. You should not only train your dog but also teach your children how to approach and treat them so that there are no sudden accidents.

5. They are also good with other dogs and pets

This breed also likes to be in the company of other dogs, especially its own breed. If properly socialized they might even get along with smaller animals, but only a highly trained and patient dog could overcome their own instinct and prey drive. It is much easier if a Whippet is raised with another pet since he was a puppy, in that case, he never treats them as prey.

6. Whippets can be your ‘Exercise’ partner!

If you are a person who likes long walks, hikes, playing outside, and a devoted companion, the Whippet might be the perfect partner for you. You need to make sure you buy a puppy from a reputable seller in order to support the illegal trade and also to make sure you get a healthy dog. If you choose it, you will have to play and exercise with him daily, have him around and enjoy his company. Your furry friend will be more than happy to keep you loved too.

Some important information about whippets

  1. The Whippet (also known as English Whippet or Snap dog) is a breed of dog that originated in England and belongs to the group of hounds. This dog is medium in size and has a unique appearance. Whippets are active participants in dog sports like flyball and agility and don’t have many health problems either.
  2. This breed was originally bred to hunt small animals such as rats and rabbits; however, they have become more popular in dog racing, being described as “men’s racehorses”.
  3. The most fascinating thing about Whippets is that they are the fastest accelerating dogs in the world, reaching 40 miles per hour.
  4. It is not really suitable for novice owners, but if a person has the patience and willingness to train their dog from a young age then there would be no problems.
  5. Like most dogs, the Whippet does not like to be alone or away from his master, making him depressed, especially if he is neglected for a long time.
  6. The Whippet does not tolerate cold due to its very short coat, so you should take this into account before having a puppy.
  7. On the other hand, it can tolerate hot and humid weather well. The Whippets don’t suffer from many health problems, they are still considered a sensitive breed because they really can’t stand a noisy and chaotic home, as well as an inconsistent routine and insensitive owner.
  8. The Whippet has exercise needs and they need to be met almost every day. As he is one of the fastest dogs in the world, it is logical to assume that he loves to run and walk. The intensity of these exercises and games should not be too intense, but at least daily walks should be provided for your Whippet. He loves to play with his owner and will also love spending his time with him.
  9. Whippets are considered the fastest dogs in the world and are also very devoted to their owners and friendly to everyone else. Also, they cannot bear being alone, keeping them outdoors or in high temperatures. Like all other dogs, they thrive on love and should never be neglected.