Basset Hounds Are Definitely Good Family Dogs, But Not For Everyone!

Basset Hounds are a favorite breed because they are very kind, relaxed, even-tempered, and calm. Even with all these great attributes, there are a number of things that aren’t that great. No matter how many bad things people bring, a Basset Hound owner will be able to overlook them and say their pets are the best in the world.

However, basset hounds are not for everyone. Know what you are getting and make an informed decision before buying a basset hound.

Below are the pros along with the cons so you can decide if a Basset Hound pet will be right for your family.


Basset hounds are independent problem solvers and are quite smart, probably due to their hunting genes. They love the outdoors and are perfect for a family that enjoys hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

They are social breed and of good character, not only with people but also with other dogs and cats. Your Basset Hound pet will enjoy being physically close to its humans and with proper training, they are good with children.

Their coats are easy to maintain even with all their shedding. Brushing every day will keep the shedding to a minimum and will be something to look forward to. Basset Hounds are generally a healthy breed.
Having fun seems to be their favorite hobby as they happily go through life.


Basset hounds cannot swim due to their heavy torsos and short legs. They are short, but due to their long bodies, they can reach things on the tables. Its long ears can cause ear ailments, while eye disorders are possible because the creases under the eyes can accumulate dirt and cause infections.

A Basset Hound pet likes to just lie down, so they must exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. This breed has a tendency to drool, which is messy and can cause fungal infections around the mouth if it is not kept clean.

Since they are trackers, finding, and following a scent is what they do best, which means it can be challenging to control because they are very strong. When walking your Basset Hound, you must keep it on a leash. If they find a scent they like, they will take off and won’t hear a single command to return.

Shedding is a continuous situation with Basset Hounds but can be controlled with regular brushing. Its dog smell is a detour for some people. Training at home can be a real challenge, especially as puppies, but it must be done. Crate training is the best way to do it, as it gives them a safe place to be while you’re out.

General training should be done with great love and patience, as your Basset Hound pet can be stubborn and independent. Do not discipline them, as they will hurt their feelings and then they will get angry. Many times the best way to train them is with food.

You should not leave your Basset Hound pet outside alone as it tends to howl or bay when it is alone. Neighbors will not appreciate this and many will not tolerate it. Bassets can be dumpsters. Keep your trash covered at all times.

If a quick walk with your dog is important to you, a Basset Hound pet may not be the right choice. Their short legs and crawling instincts can make walking with them slow. Because they are long and low, they may have back problems and may need help reaching a high space (a car, for example). While Basset Hounds are an overall healthy breed, one major problem they may have is thrombopathia (a bleeding disorder in dogs).

Normally, buying your pet through a reputable breeder will minimize this problem along with others.
Even with this long list of flaws, the typical Basset Hound owner will tell you that good traits far outweigh bad traits when it comes to them.

The first time you look at the basset hound in the eye is probably when you decide that this could be the ideal pet for you. Before deciding one way or another, visit a local breeder and some owners. You will probably come out with a new love for these unique pets. If you’re an active family with the willpower and good humor to train them, then a Basset Hound pet might be what you’re looking for.

Could The Basset Hound Be The Right Dog For Your Family?

According to legend George Washington became the owner of the Basset Hound shortly after the American Revolution. Maybe, he took a look at those big sad eyes and just couldn’t resist them. You might also find yourself enchanted by the Basset’s sweet and loving character.

People are often surprised that a dog with such a wide chest and short legs can move with such grace. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat awkward and comical appearance. Trust me, this lovely breed can run and play for hours when given the chance.

The adult Basset Hound weighs about sixty pounds and is between eighteen and twenty inches tall. This member of the American Kennel Club group of dogs can come in any AKC recognized hound dog color, but the most common is a dog with a white undercoat with brown and black spots.

Basset hounds are almost maintenance-free pets. They require very little grooming. Simply run a good bristle brush through your coat once or twice a week to remove dirt and loose hair.

No wonder the Basset Hound has such a keen sense of smell, its ancestor is the Bloodhound, famous for its tracking abilities. Like many aromatic hounds, the Basset can be so preoccupied with an odor that his orders to come may fall on deaf ears.

Basset Hounds are devoted and loving pets, but one trait of this breed is a certain stubbornness. The new owners mistakenly think that their Basset is not smart enough to learn obedience training. Don’t be fooled. If your Basset is disobeying you, just look at those sad brown eyes and you may have a shrewd glow. They are smart dogs!

The Basset can be selective about the commands it will obey. How to ignore the suspend command so it can snuggle closer to you. The Basset loves people and will do almost anything to get close to them.
Since Basset Hounds can be a little difficult to train, try to find a dog training method that works.

You may also consider taking your puppy to obedience classes. This is a good idea, as it helps to socialize your dog through interaction with other puppies and their owners. Test it. You will meet many new puppies and their novice owners!

Basset Hounds are the ideal apartment dog. They adapt well to family life. Since this breed is quite dormant indoors, you should remind yourself that it does need to go outside. So don’t forget to exercise your Basset daily to keep it in good health.

The Basset Hound loves to eat. Combine that with your disinterest in exercise and a warning signal begins to flash. You will need to closely monitor its food intake. The extra weight will place too much load on its spine and short legs, and lameness can become a clear possibility.

You should also check its ears regularly. Breeds with hanging ears like the Basset Hound can often get infections. Spinal injuries and eye diseases can also affect this breed. Otherwise, the Basset hound is a relatively healthy breed.

So if you are looking for a dog with a melodic bark, who loves children and will love you. So a Basset Hound could definitely be the right dog for you and your family.

Basset Hound Qualities You must be aware of

Basset Hounds are a popular option for family dogs. While they are loving and friendly, they also have some key flaws. To find out if a Basset Hound is for your family, read on.

The basset hounds are of good nature

The only thing I love about Basset Hounds is their nature. They are kind and fun-loving dogs. They get along very well with children and are very loyal. In fact, basset hounds are probably one of your best options for dogs if you have children.

Lazy and energetic

While this sounds like an oxymoron, anyone who has had a basset knows what I mean. Basset hounds lie and are happier hugging your feet. They can sunbathe for hours and generally love the slow-paced life.

However, Basset Hound will love to play. They may begin to romp and their long ears begin to flap. They will go on long walks (although they are also known to quit as well). While some consider quitting an endearing trait, others find it annoying. But most Basset hounds will overcome the quitting if they’ve bagged some food as an incentive to move.

Bassets are a talkative group

You can always know when a basset is really happy. They love to talk. They have a prolonged moan that creates the atmosphere. If you are looking for a calm dog, this is probably not the best option. You can train a basset not to bark at things, but the conversation will never go away.

Bassets Drool!

Unfortunately, too many bassets are left in the shelters due to their drooling. They can’t help it and if you don’t like getting slimmed then please don’t get a basset. Only with the simple sight of food will saliva come and you will have a puddle in no time.

Begging for food

Basset Hounds are one of the few dogs that eat, eat, and eat. You must limit the amount of food for a basset. You can not leave food because they will eat sick. My Basset hound went into the 30-pound dog food container when he was a puppy. He ate so much that he could barely walk. When he grew up, he managed to grab a 3-pound bag of macadamia nuts and frozen from the waist down for several hours. Fortunately, he suffered no permanent damage, but it shows how careful you must be.

Long ears mean weekly cleaning

The ears drag the floor, drop in their food, and absorb water. While these ears are too cute for words, they do require weekly cleaning. A wet ear wipe will keep them clean and smelling fresh.

Basset hounds get lost

Another key point is that you must keep the basset secure. A Basset Hound will follow its nose for miles and miles. Unfortunately, they are not good at finding their way back. As the owner of a basset, it is your responsibility to keep them safe.