Costs And Pros & Cons Of Owning A Senegal Parrot

Owning a Senegal parrot is more expensive than an average bird, so make sure that before you buy one you can cover the necessary costs involved.

In this article, you will receive an overview of the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining a pet parrot. If you can’t cover these costs, a Senegal parrot might not be the right pet for you.

Initial costs

The initial costs associated with keeping Senegal parrots as pets include the cost of the bird itself, as well as the cage, cage accessories, toys, and grooming supplies.

Below you will find an overview of these costs, as well as the total estimated cost of keeping a Senegalese parrot:

Purchase Price

The purchase price will start at $500 – $1,500 

The price is higher for Senegal parrots than the price of buying other types of parrots due to their ability to learn the nuances and intonation of human speech. The price also depends on the size of the bird.


Cage price will start at $250- $500

You will need a large, strong, and secure cage. Cages of this size are not cheap! You should buy something that preferably has plenty of space suitable for play and activity in the cage.


More or less $100

You will also need cage accessories such as perches, lights, food dishes, stands, cage covers, and harnesses for your Senegal parrot. Accessories can be quite expensive depending on the brand and quality of your purchase.


Average total cost is $50

As one of the smartest parrot species, your Senegal parrot needs a lot of stimulation to keep its smart and active minds entertained. Keep the boredom of birds at bay with chewy toys for your parrot.

Grooming supplies

More or less $70 

As part of pet hygiene, your Senegal parrot must be properly cleaned and groomed. There are many grooming supplies that you can buy online or at your local pet store.

The initial cost for the Senegal parrot

  • Purchase price: $500 (£673)
  • Cage: $250 (£224)
  • Accessories: $100 (£89)
  • Toys: $50 (£45)
  • Grooming supplies: $70 (£63)

Total: $1,220 (£1095)

Monthly costs

The monthly costs associated with keeping a Senegalese parrot are not stingy! Some of the things that need to be purchased on a monthly basis, such as food supplements, cleaning supplies, and even veterinary care, will occasionally add to your expenses. The estimated monthly costs involved are detailed below.

Bird food

Approximately $30- $40 per month

Your Senegal parrot needs a varied and healthy diet. There is a massive selection of high-quality seed diets, complete foods, and pelleted foods to choose from both online and at your local pet stores, as mentioned above, the cost will depend on the brand and nutritional value of the food.

If your Senegal Parrot is a picky eater, buy supplements with vitamins and minerals, which you can add to food or water.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies will cost at least $10 per month

You don’t need new cleaning products every month, but of course, you’ll eventually run out of bird soap and shampoo. Just include it in your budget.

Veterinary care

Veterinary care starts at $150 – $1,000 or more

Always take your parrot to an avian vet for any medical treatment. Avian veterinarians are specifically trained to work with exotic birds, while a general practicing veterinarian may not be familiar with their needs and treatments, especially if they are sick, not to mention the necessary medications.

Additional costs

At least $10 per month

In addition to all of these monthly costs, you should plan for occasional additional costs, such as repairs to your parrot cage, replacement toys, food supplements, medications, etc.

You won’t have to cover these costs every month, but you should include them in your budget to be safe.

Monthly costs for Senegal Parrot

  • Bird food: $30 (£27)
  • Cleaning supplies: $10 (£8)
  • Veterinary care: $150 (£135)
  • Additional costs: $10 (£8)

Total: $200 (£179) 

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Senegal Parrot

The information below shows the pros and cons of owning a Senegalese parrot:


Personality: Senegal parrots are loving, playful and very intelligent

Appearance: It has a beautifully elaborate complexity

Noise: They don’t scream like other parrots, they just whistle, click and beep

Behavior: They can be single birds, unlike other bird species, the behaviors of Senegal parrots are very individual.

Impact on Humans: You will find yourself constantly learning about these creatures. It will be an educational experience for you!


Personality: Quite sensitive, has a bit of a temper, needs a lot of attention compared to other birds.

Cost: Senegal Parrot price ranges from $500 – $1,500 or more, it is quite expensive because it has better speaking skills than other bird species.

Damage to your home: They like to chew on things. Do not leave them out of the cage unattended.

Behavior: They don’t like to cuddle; They do not appreciate intense physical contact. Only a few scratches will do!

Diet: They need more calcium than any other bird.