Costs Of Owning A Ragdoll Cat: Everything You Need To Know

One thing I want to clarify first, having a Ragdoll cat is doesn’t come cheap! These cats are generally low maintenance, but you still need to provide supplies and be able to cover the costs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment for your pet.

These things will definitely add to your daily budget, and the cost will vary depending on where you buy it; the brand of the accessories, the nutrients included in its diet, and the time being.

If you want to own a Ragdoll cat as a pet, you should be able to cover the necessary costs involved.

In this article, you will receive an overview of expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining Ragdoll cats as pets, such as food and treats, toiletries and cleaning supplies, toys, veterinary care, and other costs, so you can determine if you can afford such cat or not.

Initial Costs

Initial expenses associated with maintaining Ragdolls as pets include the cost of the cat itself, as well as its bed, accessories, toys, initial vaccinations, microchipping or licensing, spay/neuter surgery, as well as grooming supplies.

You will find an overview of these costs below, as well as the estimated total cost of keeping Ragdoll cats:

Purchase Price

Purchasing price will start at $375 – $2,000

Ragdoll kittens/cats are more expensive than other equally adorable cats, especially if they are from a reputable breeder.

Please note that the cost largely depends on the quality of the breed; The rarer the color pattern, the more expensive it can be. There may also be additional charges if your pet will be shipped, to some extent may add to the price of your kitten.

Here is the estimated price list to buy a Ragdoll kitten:

Pet Quality (Alter): Price = $375- $850+
Show (alter) Quality: Price = $600- $ 1000+
Breeder Quality: Price = $1200- $1800+
Show / Breeder Quality: Price= $1500- $1800+

Cat Bed

About $50
Ragdoll cats are oversized, so you may need a large bed. Overall, the average cost of a large cat bed starts at $50.

Food/Water Dishes

Food and water dishes About $30
In addition to providing your Ragdoll cats with a sleeping bed, you should also ensure that they have a set of high-quality food and water bowls.

The best material for these is stainless steel because it is easy to clean, cannot be chewed or eaten easily, and does not acquire bacteria, another good option is ceramic. The average cost of a quality stainless steel bowl set is approximately $30.


Toys Start at:  $30

Like other pets, Ragdolls need a lot of stimulation to keep their curious and intelligent minds entertained. Keep cat boredom at bay with fun Ragdoll cat toys.

To get started, plan to buy a variety of toys for your cat until you know which type he prefers. The minimum cost of toys is approximately $30 or more, the cost may vary by brand.


Microchip: $50

In the United States and the United Kingdom, there are no federal or state requirements that you must have your cat microchipped but it is very ideal as mentioned above your Ragdoll could slip out of an open door or window without you noticing that.

If someone finds you without identification, you can take them to a shelter to have your microchip scanned.

A microchip is something that implants itself under your cat’s fur and carries a number that is linked to your contact information. The procedure takes only a few minutes and only costs around $50 on average, but in some states, the cost may vary and there are certain documents that you may need to submit to your local government.

Initial Vaccinations

Vaccination starts at $50

This is only applicable if you acquire a kitten; During your kitten’s first year of life, it will require several different vaccinations. If you buy your kitten from a reputable breeder, it may have had some already, but it will still need more in the coming months, as well as booster shots every year.

Ragdolls can be susceptible to viral and bacterial infections such as panleukopenia, calicivirus, rabies, and rhinotracheitis, to name a few, they can, fortunately, be prevented by vaccines.

Also, if your cat has the proper reinforcements it needs, at a young age, it can definitely lengthen its life expectancy. You should include it in your budget, which can cost around $50 or more.

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Spay and Neuter surgery costs approximately $50 – $200

If you do not plan to breed your Ragdoll cats, you must have them neutered (for males) or spayed (for females) before 6 months of age.

In females, this procedure includes surgically removing the ovaries and usually the uterus, while in males, the testicles are surgically removed.

Spaying or neutering your pet decreases the likelihood of certain cancers and eliminates the chance that your pet will produce unwanted offspring.

The cost of this surgery will vary depending on where you go and the gender of your cat.

If you go to a traditional veterinary surgeon, the cost of spay/neuter surgery could be very high, but you can save money by going to a veterinary clinic.

The average cost of neutral surgery is $50 to $100, and sterilization surgery costs around $100 to $200.


Accessories will cost an average $70

There will be times when you may need to let your Ragdoll cat play outside the house or even present it for a show, so you may need various cat accessories like a leash (if you plan to train them or take them out for a walk) and others. things like cat costumes or dresses, grooming supplies during shows, or just repairing cat supplies.

On average, additional accessories can cause at least $70 depending on the brand and quality of the product.

Monthly Costs

The monthly costs associated with keeping a Ragdoll cat can also be quite expensive. Some of the things that need to be purchased monthly are food supplements, annual license renewal, toy replacement, and vet exams.

This section provides an overview of each of these costs, as well as an estimate of each cost.

Food And Treats

Food and treats will cost around $50 per month

Feeding your Ragdoll cat with a healthy diet is very important to his health and well-being. A high-quality cat diet is not cheap, especially for a large breed like the Ragdolls.

The correct amount of nutrients must be provided to keep your cat healthy and attractive. You should be prepared to spend around $50 for high-quality cat food that will last you about a month.

You should also include a monthly budget of at least $10 for treats.

License Renewal

The license renewal will cost $3 per month

The cost to license your Ragdoll cat is generally about $25 and you can renew the license for the same price each year, some states may cost more.

The license renewal cost divided into 12 months is approximately $3 per month.

Veterinary Exams

Veterinary exams will cost approximately $7 a month

As mentioned above, Ragdolls can get sick from a viral and bacterial infection, so you may need to take them to a vet for a medical check-up from time to time.

To keep your cat healthy, you should take him to the vet about every six months after it passes kittenhood.

You may need to take it more often during the first 12 months to make sure you get your vaccinations on time.

The average cost of a visit to the vet is about $40.

If in case your cat does get sick, it is better and wiser to set aside a portion of your budget for any medical needs that arise.

Additional costs

Additional cost at least $15 per month

In addition to all of these monthly costs, you should plan for occasional additional costs, such as replacements for worn toys, cleaning supplies, or some cat boosters. You won’t have to cover these costs every month, but you should include them in your budget to be sure.