Estimated Costs Of Owning A Netherland Dwarf Rabbit As Pet

Before buying a Netherland dwarf rabbit it is very important to be prepared for the costs of owning. You better plan these things well in advance. This planning will help you avoid any type of disappointment you may face when there are some payments that need to be made.
Basically, there are two types of costs that you will seek to incur, which are as follows:

The initial costs: The initial costs are those that you will have to bear at the beginning of the domestication process of the animal. This will include the one-time payment you will give to purchase the animal.

Regular or Monthly Costs: Monthly costs are what you will have to spend every month or once in a few months.

This category includes the costs of food requirements and pet health requirements. Various regular vet visits, sudden vet visits and replacement of things fall into the monthly category.

Purchase Price

You can expect to spend $20 / £15.16 to $250 / £184.97 to buy your Netherland dwarf rabbit. The price will depend on the color, age, and health of the rabbit. It’s also possible to get one for as low as $15 / £11.37 from a backyard breeder, but you can never be sure of the quality of the pet breed.

In general, a good quality Netherland dwarf rabbit can be purchased for $50 / £37.91. If the rabbit is neutered or spayed, expect to pay even around $150 / £113.72. If you want to get a quality fit for shows, you can expect a price even higher than $200 / £151.63.

You need to make sure that the bunny is medically examined before purchasing it. The exam and tests will also be added to the initial price.

You also have the option to adopt a bunny. This will help you avoid the initial purchase price, although the other costs of raising the animal will remain essentially the same.

If your breeder has taken over the initial health checks, then you should be fine paying this breeder a little more because he/she has saved you from running here and there to perform these important procedures.

Hutch Or Cage Costs

When you are looking for a cage or rabbit hutch for the Netherland dwarf rabbit, you will notice that there are excellent options available for cages at pet stores. You can buy a cage for as little as $35 / £26.54 and also up to $500 / £378.25. It clearly depends on your choice and your budget. A decent cage can be expected at $160 / £121.30.

The cage is a basic requirement for a pet, even if you plan to keep it indoors most of the time. A pet must have a comfortable cage. It is always better to get a bigger cage for the comfort of the pet. The floor of the cage must be solid. Size and material have a direct effect on the cost of the cage.

Toys Cost

As an important accessory for the pet cage, you will have to invest in good quality toys. Cheap plastic materials that can have an adverse effect on your Netherland dwarf rabbit’s health should be avoided. Similarly, toys that can be crushed or broken should also be avoided.

Depending on your choice of toys, you can expect to spend around $50 / £36.99 to $250 / £184.97.

Food And Water Container Cost

You will need to purchase food and water containers for your rabbit. They will be included in the initial costs. It is important that you invest in good quality containers so that you do not have to buy replacement containers in a few months.

Containers must be purchased to meet the animal’s requirements. You should plan how many containers you would need. The estimated cost of the food and water container can be from $100 / £73.99 to $250 / £184.97.

Bedding Cost

Pet bedding is another important purchase. If you buy liners, you can expect to spend $30 / £22.20 to $ 60 / £ 44.39 once. If you choose paper bedding, you will have to spend $50 / £36.99 to $100 / £73.99 per year.

Litter Box Cost

You will have to buy one or more litter boxes for the rabbit. You should also use paper shavings to train the pet well to use the litter box. Depending on whether you make the litter box at home or purchase it from the pet store, you can expect to spend $1 / £0.74 to $10 / £7.40.

Food Cost

A domesticated rabbit will feed mainly on hay, grass, and vegetables. You may also need to include various granules and supplements to feed your general pet.

You should feed the rabbit two cups of vegetables a day.

This should cost around $10 / £7.68 per month. You can expect to pay $3 / £2.32 to $5 / £3.84 for the pellets.

You must ensure that there is enough fiber in the diet of the Netherland dwarf rabbit. You need to feed the dwarf rabbits timothy hay every day. This should cost you around $3 / £2.32 per month.

Veterinary Cost

An annual checkup will help you keep track of your pet’s health and progress. This annual visit, which also includes tests, shouldn’t cost you more than $60 / £44.39. This is a cost you must pay once a year, but it is best to plan ahead.

You should also be prepared for unexpected costs, like sudden illness or accidents. Medical care is provided at different prices in different areas, so the vet in your area might be more expensive than the vet in the nearby city.

Although it is always recommended to take your pet to the vet if any health problems arise, it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit ready. You can expect to spend around $50 / £36.99 to $60 / £44.39 as you prepare a basic first aid box for the bunny

It is believed that you should save an additional $1000 / £776.2 for your pet’s emergencies. It could require an operation or surgery due to illness, for example.

Pet Insurance For Your Rabbit (Additional Cost)

You can get insurance for your Netherland dwarf rabbit. This insurance will help you take care of your vet bills and injury costs. A sudden procedure can cost you thousands of dollars or pounds, so it is best to insure the rabbit.

Depending on the insurance you buy, it may also cover regular clinic visits. There are some companies that will give you discounts on clinic visits.

There are some companies that can help you with rabbit insurance, such as Exotic direct, pet plan and NCI. These companies have different types of insurance.

Rabbit insurance can cost you around $8 / £6.14 to $20 / £15.35 per month. The exact amount will depend on the company you choose and also in the area where you live.

You can choose according to your requirements. You can also get a package if you want to secure more than one rabbit. When you buy insurance, you must pay a deductible amount and regular premiums. You will also need to pay the premiums that must be paid regularly to keep the insurance policy active.