Most Popular White Cat Breeds With Blue, Green, And Yellow Eyes

White cat breeds span a variety of breeds and mixed breeds, with a wide variety of sizes and shapes. But these cats are known for their snow-white fur. Many cat breeds come in several different colors, both solid and combination with other colors.

Pure white cats can be found in a variety of breeds but not all are popular as pets. There are a few breeds of white cats with blue, green, and yellow eyes that are most popular as pets.

White Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

If you’ve ever seen a white cat with blue eyes, then you know exactly how striking it can be! Unfortunately, this combination can be the most likely to cause deafness. However, a white cat with blue eyes is more likely to be tested before being raised.

This is, of course, assuming you do your due diligence to find a reputable breeder who focuses on the health and happiness of its livestock. Two main breeds of white cats with blue eyes and most commonly kept as pets are the Ragdoll and Turkish Angora cat.

Ragdoll Cat

blue eyed ragdoll catThe Ragdoll cat breed is relatively new. This breed was first bred in the 1960s by Ann Baker in Riverside, California. She raised large, blue-eyed, long-haired cats with a docile and gentle nature; the result is a big, placid, affectionate kitten.

These adorable cats are called “Ragdoll” as they are known to fall into your arms when you hold them.

Ragdolls are affectionate and love to snuggle. They are not one of the truly white cat breeds, as they have marked spots.

However, these can be very pale, giving the impression of an almost white kitten. Ragdoll cats are great with families. They are laid-back with children and will get along well with other cats and dogs.

Ragdolls are also quite healthy, although they do have some predispositions for diseases that can be screened for. A healthy, happy Ragdoll could potentially live 15-20 years.

Turkish Angora Cat

turkish angora catTurkish Angoras, another of the fluffy white cat breeds with blue eyes, are intelligent, outgoing, and affectionate. They are delicate cats, small to medium in size, and generally healthy.

The expected lifespan is roughly average for house cats, somewhere in their mid-teens. This long-haired breed originated in the mountainous regions of Turkey, where winters can be harsh.

They were almost lost but were revived with controlled breeding programs established in the 1950s at the Ankara Zoo. From there, the Turkish Angora was brought to the USA, where it became a recognized breed by the Cat Breeders Association in 1968.

This breed is generally good for families with children and cat-friendly dogs.

White Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

Looking for a white cat breed with green eyes? These striking cats combine specific characteristics like those with an overall beauty that is impressive.

If that’s the type of cat you’ve been looking for, consider the Norwegian Forest Cat, Oriental Foreign White cat, or Russian White cat.

Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest catThe Norwegian Forest Cat, which is also a fluffy white cat breed with beautiful green eyes, is originally from Norway, where it lived in forests for thousands of years.

This breed was almost destroyed in World War II but was revived with breeding programs in Norway.

Finally, the Norwegian Forest Cat was named the official Norwegian cat by the late King Olaf. They are not all white. In fact, many are more like wild cats. But you will find pure white cats within the breed.

These cats are calm and great for families with children. They also get along very well with dogs that allow cats.

As one of the three largest domestic cat breeds, this breed is quite healthy and vigorous, with a lifespan of approximately 13 years.

Oriental Foreign White Cat

oriental foreign catOriental foreign white cats are known to be talkative and stubborn.

These funny kittens are also known to be very affectionate towards their humans. They enjoy monitoring what their humans do throughout the day. This breed is very athletic and agile.

You’ll find them capable of opening doors and drawers, and maybe even searching for shiny treasures to turn into toys. Oriental white foreign cats are an excellent choice for families with children and will get along well with dogs that allow cats.

Russian White Cat

The Russian white breed, also known as Archangel cats, has short white fur with green eyes.
Not much is known about the history of this breed, although they probably originated in Russia, near Arkhangelsk (Archangel), near the White Sea.

Russian whites are quiet, making them a good choice for families with children. They will also do well with cat-friendly dogs.

American Short Hair Cat

Would you prefer a white tiger cat breed? Then take a look at the American shorthair cat breed. They have some really cute white striped examples. This breed has a long history in the US, even dating back to the Vikings, where they were on board a ship to help catch mice and rats.

American Shorthair cats are somewhat active and you will find that they enjoy mealtime. This breed is generally laid-back and is a good choice for families with children and dogs.

White Cat Breeds With Yellow Eyes

White cat breeds with yellow eyes are beautiful and exotic. The color combination is very eye-catching!

There are not many breeds that present this combination. But that does not mean that they cannot be found.

Consider the British Shorthair and European Burmese pure white cat breeds with yellow eyes.

British Short Hair Cat

british shorthair catThe British Shorthair is an ancient breed, which originated in Rome, but later reached Great Britain. This is one of the oldest cat breeds in Great Britain. This breed was first recognized in Great Britain in 1980 by the CFA.

This breed resembles a teddy bear, which makes you want to hug and cuddle them. These cats have sweet faces, usually with yellow or copper eyes. These patient, laid-back cats are known for forming strong bonds with their humans.

British shorthairs are wonderful for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. These cats range in weight from 7 to 17 pounds, depending on whether they are male or female. The average life expectancy is about 14 to 15 years.