Bichons are similar to poodles in their powdery coat, which consists of a silky but curly outer coat and a soft undercoat.

This breed is thought to be a descendant of the water spaniel and was known in the Mediterranean area as far back as the Middle Ages

Some historians believe that the breed actually originated in the Canary Islands and was brought to Europe by sailors

Bichons are active dogs, but because they are small, they don't need too much room to romp and are suitable for apartment living 

Both males and females of the breed stand just under 12 inches and weigh from seven to 12 pounds 

Bichons are entirely white, with just a small amount of apricot, buff, or cream by the ears. Black eyes and a little black nose complete the look 

This breed can be prone to separation anxiety and don’t like being left alone for long periods 

Bichon Frises can be quite vocal, so training and early socialisation is key