Why Are Goldendoodles So Stubborn?

Are Goldendoodles stubborn?

It is true that Goldendoodle dogs are very stubborn but also quite intelligent, so early and consistent training is key for a well-behaved dog. If you are a new pet owner, a Goldendoodle might be the perfect pet for you. Their laid-back nature and intelligence mean that Goldendoodles are easy to train and are a great pet for your family.

Do you know what this breed is? Goldendoodle is a crossbreed of a golden retriever and a poodle. These huge dogs with their big puppy dog eyes and shaggy golden fur will have everyone stopping for a pat. Don’t leave your Goldendoodle alone for long, as he is prone to separation anxiety.

Goldendoodle is a very sociable dog and will surely be the best friend of your neighbor’s cat and other dogs. They are also wonderful pets for children.

Why Are Goldendoodles So Stubborn?

For Goldendoodles to be stubborn, they are determined not to change something and resist or refuse. This negative behavior can be corrected by proper training and socialization.

Goldendoodle training should begin as early as possible to combat how stubborn they become and other negative traits they may have, including that mischief that will cause them to chew on things and be destructive.

Some pet owners may say that health factors make the Goldendoodle stubborn. But no, there are no health factors that create the stubborn nature of Goldendoodles. Behavioral problems like stubbornness are more related to the emotions and feelings the dog might have and also environmental triggers.

The only factor that causes stubbornness in Goldendoodle is AGE.

Being stubborn around Goldendoodles is a learned behavioral trait. Goldendoodle puppies, stubborn are easier to handle and minimize because they are younger and more receptive to training and socialization.

Older dogs become more difficult to train, making negative behavioral traits like being stubborn more difficult to reduce or modify. It’s not impossible to do, but with each passing year in a dog’s life, it can become more difficult to change as humans.

Patience but perseverance is the correct mindset when addressing the stubbornness of an adult or older Goldendoodle.

How To Reduce Stubbornness In Goldendoodle?

Training and socialization are most important to reducing stubbornness and other behavior problems because it teaches Goldendoodles what are acceptable behaviors in their home life.

When training comes from a skilled and knowledgeable person who knows who is in charge, it leaves no place for Goldendoodles to misbehave, even if they are stubborn. If they know that the trainer is the boss and they know it, they are more likely to trust him and what they are taught. This is the nature of any intelligent dog like Goldendoodles.

You have to show them that you are the boss and in charge before they will listen to you and behave in a certain way.

One thing we should always keep in mind that a stubborn Goldendoodle can remain stubborn even after proper training.

Training and socialization teach the right and wrong behaviors for Goldendoodles while helping them find other ways to respond to their environment.

However, Goldendoodles can still get a day off where they resort to negative behaviors like being stubborn. Taking a step back as a pet parent and reinforcing training skills can gently remind them of what is acceptable right now.