Why Do Bloodhounds Make Good Family Dogs?

The bloodhound is a kind and gentle dog. It still remains with its original purpose which is scent tracking and is famous for its precise sense of smell.

Besides being one of the most famous scent hounds, bloodhounds can also be perfect family dogs; being loving, great with children, and have somehow a mix of relaxed and active personalities.

What Makes Bloodhounds Good Family Dogs?

1. Can live with other dogs

  • Since bloodhounds have been raised together with other animals and hunting dogs, they are said to not be quarrelsome with other dogs.
  • Bloodhounds are used to being with a pack.
  • They are not aggressive or dominant and can be perfect for a family with different types of dogs.
  • Of course, for a dog to be completely friendly with its kind, socialization is very important in a
    very young age.

2. Affectionate

  • Although they have a serious expression on their faces, bloodhounds can be very affectionate in their families.
  • They could be sweet and welcoming every time they miss you or when you come home.
  • They love spending time with their family. As seen in Hollywood movies, bloodhounds are the dogs that lie under the sheriff’s chair; exhibiting closeness to their owners. •
  • They are fine when you are around and would love to always be by your side.

3. Bloodhounds are even-tempered

  • Bloodhounds are relaxed when they are not at work. They are never aggressive and are very tolerant.
  • They are also great with children; they can remain still and quiet even if your child is already riding on their back or playing roughly with them.
  • However, although the Bloodhound is a calm dog, never leave very young children unsupervised. Young children still don’t have the proper sense of handling a dog and they can hurt your hound, leading to unexpected reactions. •
  • They are also friendly to guests and may even receive them warmly.

4. They are gentle dogs

  • Despite their tough and noble image, bloodhounds are said to be gentle and sensitive.
  • They react negatively to severe training and should not be subjected to such violence.
  • They are well-mannered and not snappy, unlike other dogs.
  • This gentleness in them makes they are the perfect family pets. •
  • They love to relax and like to spend time lying quietly around their owners.

5. Bloodhounds are very Active dogs

  • Bloodhounds can keep tracking for days; showing their incredible stamina.
  • They need a stable amount of physical and mental activity.
  • They are perfect for families who consider themselves fans of the outdoors. The bloodhound can be a perfect jogging companion, it can follow you happily when you ride leisurely on a bike, and it can even last a long when you go hiking.

Some Interesting Facts About Bloodhounds

  • Bloodhounds are considered the best scent dogs. They have the strongest and most accurate sense of smell.
  • Bloodhounds have folds in their skin that make them feel
    so nice to pet. These folds and floppy ears really help them smell better!
  • Bloodhounds are so named because early breeders made a huge effort to track their lineage and bloodlines.
  • Bloodhounds can follow scents that are up to three hundred hours old. That is why they are favored by law enforcement for tracking, search and rescue.
  • They can be difficult to train. they are notoriously stubborn. You have to work with him in obedience often.
  • They are considered admissible evidence in the courts of law because of their superior scent abilities.
  • Bloodhounds were founded by monks in Belgium, became popular in France, and later moved to England. They are now found all over the world.
  • Once on a scent trail, it can be nearly impossible to get a Bloodhound’s attention. They are resolute and refuse to compromise their concentration on the scents.
  • They always keep quiet when following the trail to hone their concentration.

What’s Wrong With Bllodhounds?

1. Bloodhounds are very stubborn dogs

  • Bloodhounds are not stupid; they are actually intelligent. However, due to their smell and tracking, they can be especially stubborn.
  • For a thousand years, they were bred to solve problems on their own, never giving up until they find a particular scent they are looking for.
  • Their stubbornness makes them excellent scent hounds; as they will surely find something that they are tasked with finding, but this also makes them poorly obedient dogs. •
  • They would go on and on and track and never stop, even if you told them to until they found the source of the smell.
  • Bloodhounds don’t like being told what to do, but this does not mean that they are bad-tempered.
  • When training, you have to work hard for a bloodhound to follow your orders.

2. Has a tendency to escape

  • Bloodhounds are made to track scents, and when they find a scent that interests them, they can get very absorbed.
  • When a bloodhound finds a scent that he wants to find, he can walk and track until he identifies it, without looking back to see if his owner is there.
  • They can follow cars or moving objects that can take miles from home without them knowing it. What’s worse is that they can be prone to vehicular accidents.
  • When you have a bloodhound and you are not around, be sure to keep it safe; have it tied up and with high security up close.
  • Also, put the barbed wire under the fence to keep your hound from digging.

3. They drool a lot

  • Bloodhounds drool and slobber a lot and often.
  • If you are a clean owner who hates cleaning up your dog’s drool from time to time, then perhaps you could reconsider having a bloodhound.
  • Bloodhounds can drool over your precious possessions and jump on your guests with a saliva

4. Destructive when bored

  • Bloodhounds, like most dogs, require a great deal of physical and mental activity.
  • If their exercises are not done, they will want to find ways to have fun.
  • Bloodhounds are known to chew a lot and would love to have anything in their mouth if they are bored.
  • They can also dig their way out of the fence and unknowingly follow certain smells for miles and miles.
  • If you have a bloodhound, be sure to give it adequate exercise so that happy and not bored.

5. Bloodhounds are loud barkers

  • Bloodhounds are popular for ‘barking’, very loud bark that is supposed to be heard over the screams, horns, noises of horses, and other bloodhounds when they are hunting.
  • In the modern age, a bloodhound’s bay can wake up the entire neighborhood.
  • To prevent a bloodhound from barking too loud, you should never leave it outside and alone at night.
  • Keep them busy and tired until they fall asleep.

6. Difficult to train

  • Because Bloodhounds are independent problem solvers, they can be stubborn and difficult to train.
  • Housebreaking can be especially difficult and a lengthy process due to their stubbornness and long puppyhood.
  • Extra effort is needed when you want to train your bloodhound.
  • However, scent training is quite easy because they are made for this job.

Bloodhounds can be perfect family dogs. They are gentle, even-tempered, and even affectionate towards their family. However, bloodhounds can be stubborn, leading to difficulties in training and a tendency to escape. Although this problem can arise, there are several training tips that you can employ to try to appease the Bloodhound’s innate tendencies.