Why Do French Bulldogs Make Good Family Dogs?

French bulldogs are not only a great option for pets, but also make good family dogs. They are adorable, smart, and neat, they stay home all day, what more do you want?

French bulldogs are a small breed of dogs (about 11 to 12 inches tall. Male french bulldogs weigh 20 to 28 pounds and females 16 to 24 pounds) so they are also ideal for apartments, where there may not be a lot of space.

Due to their adaptability, the french bulldogs will do well, even on farms. The only thing you should pay attention to is to make sure that you are in a well-stabilized room, due to its intolerance to heat.

Why French Bulldogs make good family dogs? Here are 5 main reasons: 

1. French Bulldogs Doesn’t Require a Lot Of Exercises

For those who love dogs, but do not necessarily have time to take the dog to many exercises, a French bulldog will be an excellent choice.

They only need light exercise for a short time, and the dog walking around the block for 10 minutes will be enough to help the dog stay in shape, as well as allow people to slip on it.

2. French bulldogs Are Perfect Watchdogs

These dogs will alert you if a stranger sticks their nose into your apartment without anything happening to them. They are cute, they get along well with the people around them and with the animals and they are very friendly.

3. They Get Along Well With Children

French bulldogs love attention and, if ignored, they can develop unwanted behaviors. If you do not pay attention to the dog, it is better to have another dog. These dogs also get along well with children and treat them with love.

Although they are kind by nature, but with age, it will be better to communicate with children. French bulldog puppies can take a while to grow up on their own with children. This is because puppies are sensitive and still learning and can react unpredictably if they are overly rude children.

4. French Bulldogs Do Not Require a Lot Of Cleaning

French bulldogs don’t require a lot of cleaning; their short coat should be cleaned only occasionally. They may need to be cleaned frequently when they start to disappear, but it will take a while.

The fact that they spend most of their time at home also means that they do not get dirty.

A French bulldog in a white coat can be cleaned stronger than its darker counterparts. French bulldog wrinkles collect moisture and dirt and must be removed to avoid infection.

5. They Are Easy To Train

French bulldogs are intelligent and very easy to train, although it can take time to realize that they are generally well-behaved and have a good temperament. Behavioral problems can develop, but with good preparation, they can be easily solved.

The French bulldogs are great for a pet, paired up with a real owner, someone who appreciates their values, spends time with them, and takes care of them. However, with the wrong owner, these dogs often end up abandoned in shelters and rescue organizations.

Anyone who wants to adopt this special dog should carefully study the responsibility of caring for the French Bulldog. This dog needs constant gentle and loving care; otherwise, they will behave terribly.

French Bulldogs should feel like part of the family and are lost if neglected. French bulldog breeds make them intolerant of heat and cannot be left unattended outdoors for a long time. If these dogs are exposed to heat beyond their tolerance, the death rate is inevitable. They are better than a covered dog in an air-conditioned area.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A French Bulldog

French bulldogs are becoming more and more popular with celebrities and ordinary people.
Before you rush to buy a french bulldog, what do you need to know about this breed?


  • French bulldogs are curious little dogs, which makes them the perfect family pets. They also adapt to change as well.
  • This is a nice dog who is loyal to his owners and never misses an opportunity to fascinate others.
  • They are smart and easy to train. Their curiosity makes them open to new things and in that way, they can learn quite quickly.
  • They get along well with other animals, some may display aggressive behavior, but this can be easily managed with proper training.
  • They do not require a lot of physical activity, enough to walk a little in the evening.
  • They do not require much care for their short hair, which only requires cleaning from time to time to keep it in good condition.


  • French bulldogs are expensive, especially if you want them in the right line. In addition, there are still medical and food expenses.
  • They suffer from certain diseases, so it is necessary to buy French of good lineage. These medical conditions generally cost homeowners a lot to manage or treat.
  • They are prone to many types of allergies, so owners must be very careful in case of symptoms.
    Sometimes they are stubborn and refuse to obey orders. This makes it difficult to study a little about these dogs.
  • Due to their structure, the French bulldogs tend to snore while they sleep, and sometimes, in reality, they can also drool a lot. Some people don’t make this sound and many owners have abandoned their french bulldogs for this reason.
  • Although the French bulldog does not have as many behavior problems as their relative English bulldogs, they also like to chew and can be very destructive. This behavior can be easily controlled with proper training. Some French bulldogs also tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers, which is undesirable.

It is important to consider your options before considering buying a french bulldog carefully. Some of these problems can be avoided by buying in the right place, that is, by finding a good breeder.

Preferably, you should get your French bulldog as a puppy and train yourself to get the results you expect. There are many relief organizations with the French bulldogs abandoned by their former owners.

If you are willing to accept the challenge and you do not care about some of the challenges that these French bulldogs may have, you can accept it.