Why The Affenpinscher Dog Breed Is Known As Monkey Terrier

Why the Affenpinscher Is Known As Monkey Terrier?

In the German language, affenpinscher means “monkey terrier”. The name “monkey terrier” describes the appearance of the affenpinscher and many of its behaviors. This smart dog uses its agile paws like a monkey uses its hands. For example, affenpinscher can throw toys in the air and catch them! The playful and energetic Affen can also walk on its hind legs. On all fours, the naughty dog may dart away with stolen items!

The affenpinscher breed of dogs is territorial, independent and bold. These qualities make an affenpinscher excellent watchdog. In addition, the affenpinscher has not lost its natural hunting instinct. Therefore, keep hamsters, gerbils, and other rodent-like pets safe around this breed.

Despite its name, the affenpinscher is a member of the toy group at the AKC (American Kennel Club). It is one of the 175 recognized breeds of AKC. There are many breeds! Why are there so many? Well, it all started when the first humans trained wolf cubs to help hunt. These domesticated wolves were the first dogs. In fact, dogs and wolves are members of the ‘Canidae’ family.

Because humans needed help with other work, they developed new breeds. Some dogs were big and bold. These made good guard dogs. Others were natural hunters. Small and cuddly dogs were good companions. Today, this is the affenpinscher’s job.

The affenpinscher breed dogs originated in central Europe. It did not begin as a companion breed. It is descended from hunting dogs. What did the dogs hunt? Rats! They were so good at their job that they were known as Ratters.

Ratters controlled rodents around farms, stables, and stores. However, they were too big to do this work indoors. Then, humans bred the Ratter with smaller breeds. This resulted in the affenpinscher. This toy dog kept the house free of rodents.

In Germany, breeders continued to develop the breed. Finally, the affenpinscher spread throughout Europe and the United States. The AKC recognized the breed in 1936. Today, it has a small but devoted following.

Coat And Color

The affenpinscher coat is hairy but clean. Dense, rough and fibrous hair measures an inch (2.5 cm) long on the body and shoulders. The shortest hair covers its back and tail. The head, neck, chest, belly, and legs of the dog have longer and softer hair.

Adult Affenpinschers have a mane around the neck. It blends into the coat on the dog’s back between the shoulders. The mane, eyebrows, and beard, along with long hair on the head, give the affenpinscher its special, monkey-like appearance.

In the past, black was the standard color for the breed. Today, a variety of colors is acceptable. These include black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, and belge. In addition, some dogs have black masks on their faces.


The affenpinscher is only 9.5 to 11.5 inches (24 to 29 cm) tall. Both males and females weigh about 8 pounds.

Despite its small size, the affenpinscher’s body is strong and resistant. Its compact frame has a square shape thanks to a large chest and wide hips. The affenpinscher has a level, short back. The tail can be left natural or trimmed 1 to 2 inches in length. Their legs are straight and have medium bones.

The most notable feature of affenpinscher is its face. The fur on the face and head is longer than in the rest of the body. It covers around the head with ears that can be cropped or natural.


The affenpinscher is a healthy and robust dog. However, with its short snout, this breed can easily overheat. And, some Affenpinschers may have joint and vision problems.

Annual visits to the veterinarian will help maintain the good health of your dog. Vaccines will prevent diseases. The veterinarian can also spay or neuter your dog.

Affenpinscher requires home care too. Fortunately, its dense coat sheds little and is easy to groom. Weekly brushing of longer hair is enough. This is a good time to cut your affen’s nails. And be sure to brush its teeth every day. This can prevent gum disease and tooth decay.


The active affenpinscher needs a nutritious diet. Many quality dog foods are available to meet this need. These foods come in several varieties.

Dry, wet and semi-moist foods have different advantages. Wet and semi-moist foods are easy to digest. They also contain water. Hard and dry foods clean a dog’s teeth while eating. They are also less perishable and can be left out for longer without spoiling.

Leaving food all day is called free feeding. Free feeding can be a problem for affenpinscher. This breed loves to eat and will devour every bite. It is better to feed its small meals at regular intervals every day. This will help the dog maintain a healthy weight.

The young affenpinscher requires several small meals a day due to its rapid growth. Foods designed for puppies are the best for them. As a dog’s growth slows, the amount of food it needs decreases. Adult dogs require two small meals or one larger one per day. And whatever the feeding schedule, all dogs need fresh water every day.

What Are The Things They Need?

Dogs of all breeds need some supplies. Food and water dishes, a leash and a collar are essential. As the affenpinscher has a short snout, shallow dishes are easier to eat from. Stainless steel and ceramic plates are good options. A sturdy but comfortable collar and the leash will keep the dog close on long walks.

Dogs also benefit from having a crate. A crate provides a safe and cozy place for dogs to take breaks and sleep. The crates are also useful for home training and travel. Wire and plastic crates are two popular varieties.

The playful affenpinscher also needs toys. Toys can entertain an affenpinscher for hours. Toys also prevent boredom. A boring dog can cause problems!

Training and socialization are also important. Start with simple commands. Expose your affen to different people, dogs, and surroundings. This will teach your dog how to behave properly in different situations.


Like all dogs, the female affenpinscher is pregnant for about 63 days. After this time, she gives birth to 1-3 small puppies. Puppies are born blind and deaf. They depend on their mother for everything.

After 10 to 14 dark and calm days, the puppies begin to see and hear. When they are three weeks old, puppies begin to explore their surroundings. Naturally, they wean from their mother’s milk as they eat more solid foods.

Affenpinscher puppies are ready to be adopted between 12 and 16 weeks of age. If you think an affenpinscher is the right pet for your family, look for a good breeder. This may take some time since affenpinscher is rare.

In the breeder’s house, look for energetic and curious puppies. They must be about the same size as their siblings. And, its eyes should be clear. These are signs of good health. Start training and socialization immediately. A healthy and happy affenpinscher will be a loving member of your family for 12 to 16 years.